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  • Plastic Bottles – Custom or Standard bottle sizes for various packaging needs.
  • Glass – High quality glass containers used in a wide variety of industries.
  • Cosmetic Jars – Cosmetic industry containers such as eyeshadow, foundation, lip balm, etc.
  • Tubes – Tube containers are very popular in the cosmetic, toiletries, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Closures, Pumps, Sprayers, Droppers – Standard or custom sizing available.
  • Turnkey Packaging – From concept to creation, we will provide all the raw materials, assembly, packaging and shipping necessary to produce your product in house.


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  • Fulfillment – Provides order processing and prompt delivery of your product.
  • Warehousing – Large warehouses enable us to efficiently handle services including hand assembly, repack/rework, POP displays, gift kits and more!
  • JIT Inventory – Just In Time management techniques allow PDA to execute extreme efficiency in short time frames.
  • Pickup and Delivery – Our fleet of trucks makes pickup and delivery convenient for all of our clients.

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  • Pressure Sensitive Label Application – Eighty percent of labels in the global market use pressure sensitive labeling. With our state of the art equipment, all of your labeling needs are done in industry standard fashion.
  • Kit Assembly – Custom or Standard kit assembly. 
  • Shrink Sleeve Application (Steam Tunnel) – Fulfilling packaging needs from full body shrink sleeves to package sealing.

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Our Label Application Process


Label application is a fundamental process in the fulfillment of our clients orders. With the use of cutting edge equipment and our team of experts, packaging becomes simplified.

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